Customs Information


The GA FIS Facility is part of the Port Everglades/Fort Lauderdale port of entry.


For port of entry contact information, please click here.


Information on clearing US Customs for US citizens and Visitors can be found at the following links:


US Citizens        Visitors


Jetscape US Customs and Border Protection

Fueling at Customs


For your international travel convenience, Jetscape is still your full service FBO at KFLL.

Our team is prepared to handle all of your needs, including fueling on the customs ramp*, to get you on your way!


*Please indicate that you will require fuel at customs when making your reservation with Jetscape or provide a minimum 20 minute notice by phone +1 (954) 359-9991 or ARINC (130.925)


Are you a first time Jetscape Customer?  Let us know to receive your special fuel discount! 

KFLL General Aviation Customs Location

The US Customs FIS Facility for General Aviation Aircraft is located on the southern side of the airport off of taxiway G (Gulf West of TW L).